Project I had create on Instagram during quarantine days ,started from 23 March - 5 April under #StayHomeWithAllam hashtag

The visual content is always the strongest and easiest to remember, so I will daily - Through 14 Day Quarantine- make a portrait of a person from my Instagram list to remind him to stay at home and therefore he will always remember that during these critical days and his loved ones will always be remembered also to stay at home.

0- StaYyyy, Selfffportrait-HOmMme⁰
1- StaYyyy,farahaboulnaga -HOmMme¹
2- StaYyyy,mahoud_hafez -HOmMme²

3- StaYyyy,dinakarimy.art -HOmMme³

4- StaYyyy,ahshleyahshley -HOmMme⁴

5- StaYyyy,hudazikry -HOmMme⁵

6-StaYyyy, #cryingcat - يبيشه -HOmMme⁶

7- StaYyyy, Neo with kisa_deluxe -HOmMme⁷

8- StaYyyy, ahmed_samiron -HOmMme⁸

9- StaYyyy,yasminealmasry story-HOmMme⁹

10- StaYyyy, lou_pigre -HOmMme¹⁰

11- StaYyyy, el_shimy proFilE-HOmMme¹¹

12- StaYyyy, frances_bukovsky -HOmMme¹²

13- StaYyyy, asma_sherb -HOmMme¹³

14- StaYyyy, FaN -HOmMme¹⁴ *

*This is the last portrait, 14 days of quarantine and 14 portraits I designed. This time the portrait is not for a friend on Instagram, but for the fan in my room that covered with a bag to protect it from the dust ,Sitting above the cupboard waiting for the summer to work again, i felt that it’s the best portrait that concluded the project. Stay at home, be safe.

-Project Featured in Art in  quarantine Digital Gallery hosted by:  wreading-digits

Note: If Link don’t opened the project choose Egypt from the map of gallery.

- StaYyyy, Selfffportrait-HOmMme⁰  featured in corona portrait project https://www.coronaportrait.com/allam

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